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Contact Us:
Tel:   +27-21-788-6948  |  Fax:  +27-86-670-8882   |   info@c2r.co.za
8 Lynx Close, Lakeside (Muizenberg North), Cape Town, South Africa

About Us:

C2R  only do energy efficient LED lighting.

C2R LED Lighting provides the “normal” lights and light bulbs / globes such as down lighters (known as spot lights elsewhere in the world and PAR38’s and candle bulbs and …  just about any other bulb or globe you can imagine…. with all the different “normal” bases (E27, E14, B22, B12 and more….) that you can dream of. Included in this “normal” category is things like standard street lights replacement heads and retro-fittable street light bulbs, and replacement flood lights.

Most, if not all of these lights or lamps / bulbs / globes come with a standard 1-year warranty. Sometimes the manufacturer provides a slightly extended warranty.  The 1-year warranty is more than sufficient as the lights when used in a 24-hour burn mode will be fully paid-for within the first 9-12 months of operation. Risk is therefore all but removed.

Because C2R LED Lighting operates on a project basis for our corporate clients we thus do not have a dedicated retail shop-front and thus carry demonstration stock. We are very happy to service the man-in-the-street on this basis as well.

The majority of the products in the above category is sourced from our associated factories or assembly facilities located in main-land China, Taiwan and South-Korea.

In addition to the above “normal” category of products we have also established solid relationships with a number of strategic partners around the globe that manufactures specialised lighting products exclusively with LED’s. In all of these cases the products fulfill a very specific functional requirement that is definitely outside the realm of “normal”.

C2R LED Lighting’s specialised lights fall into the following areas:

  • Film, TV & Studio lighting
  • Cave lighting
  •  CCTV Illuminators
  • Hazardous Location lighting
  • Obstruction lighting
  • Traffic Signal lighting
  • Infrastructure lighting
  • Industrial/Commercial lighting

Being of a very specialised nature in terms of use and construction these lights have very different warranty terms (up to 10 years in certain cases) compared to the “normal” lights. They also have differing life span expectations and do carry a premium in terms of price.

C2R will help you and your company reduce the lighting energy demand today!

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