specialist lighting

Specialist lighting refers to those product streams that caters for very specific use cases where considerable design effort was applied to make the lights superior to existing lighting methods, and to provide long life, good performance and excellent returns on investment. These lights are normally manufactured by organisations that are specialists in their own rights within a specific industry.

We provide lighting in the following areas:

More details on the categories below can be found in the table at the end of this page.

  • Hazardous Location lighting
  • Obstruction lighting
  • Traffic Signal lighting
  • Infrastructure lighting
  • Industrial/Commercial lighting

Within each of these areas the lighting products from our partners are of the highest standard and is manufactured in their own facilities within either Europe or the US.

An alternative view of specialist lighting based on Application area or Product looks like this:

 Industrial  Hazardous Location  Infrastructure
Warehouse Petro-Chemical Roadway
Manufacturing Power Plants & Utilities Bridge & Tunnel
Food Processing Mines Parking Lot
Cold Storage Waste Water Treatment Traffic & Intersection
Parking Structures Grain Processing Rail
Canopy Textile  Vehicle Signals
Security Pharmaceuticals Bus
Pathway Chemical Military Vehicle
Building Products Offshore  Obstruction Signals
Architectural Paper Processing Communication Towers
Military Shelter Lighting Wind Turbines
Tall Structures
Chimney Stacks
 Industrial Solutions  Hazardous Location Solutions  Transportation Signals
Wallpacks Class I, Div 1 Fixtures Traffic & Intersection
Area Lights Class I, Div 2 Fixtures Rail Signals
High Bays Class II, Div 1 Fixtures Vehicle Signals
Low Bays Class II, Div 2 Fixtures  Obstruction Signals
Linear Fixtures Class III, Div 1 Fixtures FAA Obstruction Signals
 Infrastructure Solutions Class III, Div 2 Fixtures ICAO Obstruction Signals
Street Lights ATEX/IECEx Zone I, 21 Fixtures Visual Signals
Roadway Sign Lights ATEX/IECEx Zone II, 22 Fixtures  Hazardous Location Signals
 Architectural Solutions Class I, Div 2 Signals
Linear Architectural Fixtures ATEX Zone II, 22 Signals
Circular Fixtures
Lighting Modules

The above range of products are available from Dialight plc. For a detailed review of your needs please contact C2R LED Lighting.

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