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C2R is the agent for Nila Lighting in South Africa. Nila developed a superior range of lights for use in the film, TV and &studio environments.

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  The Nila NH is the non-stacking version of the popular Nila JNH.  The NH is an excelent replacement for a 200 watt daylight HMI or 350 watt tungsten light.  The Nila NH does not flicker or break, even in the harshest environments. Built-in dimmers are DMX-controllable. The 90-240 volt supply only draws 65W of power.

Nila Boxer is an excellent replacement for an 800 to 1200 watt HMI or a 1200 to 2000 watt tungsten fixture, while drawing a mere 250 watts. The Nila Boxer does not flicker or break, even in the harshest environments. Built-in dimmers are DMX-controllable and the 90-240 volt supply works anywhere in the world.

The Nila SL is a direct replacement for a 6000-watt tungsten space light, while drawing only 850 watts. No more need for expensive 60-amp cabling – instead use a household extension cord. No expensive, external DMX-controllable dimmers – use the Nila SL on-board network-able dimming system. 20,000+ hours life for LEDs means no more expensive bulb replacement.

The Nila SL is versatile enough also to replace a 5000-watt sky pan or a Fresnel lens fixture, using its removable yoke and interchangeable lenses.  The Nila SL Daylight Version is a perfect replacement for 2500-watt HMIs.

The Nila SL has virtually no heat in the beam of light, reducing air-conditioning and creating a more comfortable work environment. Also, color correction can be placed against the fixture without bleaching from heat or UV.

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