Industrial / Commercial

The lights in this category has been designed entirely in-house to the highest standards, and manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Ringdale’s ActiveLED fixtures come with an industry-leading 10 year warranty on the LED device and fixture, and a 5 year warranty on the power source.

Lighting Fixtures

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Category Description
Billboard Lights Billboard Light fixtures for billboards, signs and building exteriors
Canopy Lights Surface-mounted LED Canopy Light fixtures with hinged, sealed glass diffuser ideal for gas station applications
Decorative Wall Lights
Flood Lights Super-bright LED Flood Light fixtures for general exterior lighting
Hanging Pendant Lights High performance LED pendant lights for illuminating dining areas, meeting rooms, hallways and non-work areas
High Bay Lights High Bay LED light fixtures are perfect for low mount applications such as warehouses, gyms, assembly areas, food processing plants and hangars.
Office Recessed Ceiling Lights Integrated LED Recessed Panel Light fixtures easily replace conventional fluorescent fixtures for improved light quality, uniformity and reduced glare
Rafter Lights
Recessed Ceiling Can Lights Integrated LED Recessed Ceiling Can Light fixtures for indoor and outdoor usage
Retrofit Lights Complete retrofit LED light assemblies for replacing high wattage “vintage” acorn and post-top style light assemblies
Street Lights Street and Parking Lot Light fixtures provide an energy-efficient alternative to conventional high wattage street and parking lot lights without sacrificing light output
Walkway Lights Walkway Light fixtures combine style, sturdy construction and superior LED lighting performance to create contemporary, all-weather lighting for bright, glare-free pedestrian illumination
Wall Fresco Lights
Wall Pack Lights Wall Pack Light fixtures for building perimeter and security lighting
Wall Sconce Lights Wall Sconce Light fixtures provide general exterior and interior accent lighting
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